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susan ondine

Excited by these catfights with dress-ripping hairpulling. rolling women, gasping for breath, breasts heaving,mascara running, wearing bras, basques,garterbelts, nylons, high heels and all ? I've enjoyed the sights for years. If, as a male, you're built right, you can dress up like me and be a female too in the most exciting activity known to man - and females too.


I'm convinced that the male enjoyment of catfighting is located entirely in fanfasy, not in any reality of violence.

Sure, I like to see the catfight in "Destry Rides Again," the one I found arousing as an 11 year old. But the real thing? No! I don't want to see a woman hurt for real.

Even in the fantasy, I make a distiction. Those chop-socky, foo-yung martial arts displays rob the fantasy of femininity. The rolling around, clothes tearing and hair pulling -- that's the exciting fight.


Hey I'm a guy that really enjoys catfights. I'm not a small guy either, I'm pretty big, but I want to be involved in a fight. Do you know how I can do it. Also I'm a college kid so money is kind of tight. If you can help that would be great.

kevin johnson

My fantasy of catfighting and wrestling is primarily with big women. Women like 5'8 195 lbs fighting over a man. They fight down to their bras and panties and the winner with her huge size 44dd breast and 75 inch ass sits on her losing opponents face.


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don wilson

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this may sound strange, but i like to see women abuse each other's high heeled shoes and boots in a catfight. i also like to see them abusing each other with their shoes.


For women chicfighting/sexfighting updates check out and


I've always had a fantasy where I get into a fight and am stripped. I don't mean undressed - instead all of my clothes are ripped and torn off. My opponent can be male or female - you can choose the scenario if you like. Interested?
Please let me know. Thanks!

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But the real thing? No! I don't want to see a woman hurt for real.

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My opponent can be male or female - you can choose the scenario if you like. Interested?
Please let me know.

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