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This Blog is for those Adults who want to discuss and keep pace with the classic style of Feminine Catfighting. That is your hair pulling dress ripping, clawing , biting Dynasty type special.
[all participants must be 18+ and all references or stories must be in relation to situations between consenting Adults. NO porn please or full "graphic" Nudity, i.e. exposing views of genitalia]
...BTW...The Classic Black and White, is from one of the greatest Catfight Artisits of all time "Artpad"
page in his memory
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Enjoy this great
Catfight story off
of the usenet. It has almost
all the elements of a classic
catfight :)

Shanghai Catfight

by KC
City of Shanghai, circa 1930. Here Japan was putting together a network of spies for its invasion plans of China. Quality information came from men in high places. So what better places to start than high-class night clubs where these men would go for an evening - sometimes a day - of “entertainment”?
The time was 4 am, the last customer had staggered out of the Lotus Club on Shingtao Road, Li Mei was in the process of closing up the place. She had been running the club for 5 years, the last 2 as a widow. She was still attractive for a 43-year old woman. Her full figure was accentuated by the tight cheongsam - the body-hugging china dress with stiff mandarin collar and high side slits - that clung to every curve of her body. The slinky black satin material only turned the sensuality up another notch.
Since she was always the last person to leave, she was surprised to see Fei Yin, one of the Club’s hostesses sitting in her office - with a pistol pointing at her.
“What is the meaning of this, Fei Yin?”
“I’ve always suspected you working for the Japs. Well, Li Mei, I work for the governor, and I want to see what information you have on us.”
Fei Yin stood up, gestured with the pistol toward the cabinet. She was still wearing her ‘work’ clothes - a shiny gold silk cheongsam. Like all hostesses that work at the Lotus, she was as mature as beautiful.
“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I gave you a job and now you…”
“Shut up, traitor!”
Fei Yin snapped angrily and jabbed Li Mei with the pistol. The weapon made her a little too over-confident and did not see the backhand coming from nowhere. The slap on her cheek was hard and she was momentarily taken aback. It was the break Li Mei needed as she grabbed the pistol with both hands.
“Give me the gun, Fei Yin!”
“I’ll kill you!”
Still wearing high-heels, both women fell as they lost balance in the struggle for the pistol. Neither would let go of the weapon so their legs were all they could use to inflict pain on the other. As they kicked, their cheongsam slits ripped open further up revealing pale white thigh flesh above the nylon. As the muzzle edged closer to Li Mei, she suddenly pulled hard to divert the pistol, then bit down Fei Yin’s hand.
“OOWWLL!” Fei Yin yelped in pain, lossened her grip on the pistol. It dropped on the floor between the struggling women.
Li Mei let go of her biting and grabbed at the pistol, but Fei Yin was just as quick with a right swing and swiped it sliding off to the far corner of the room.
“Fei Yin, tonight you die!”
“Then we’ll die together, you’re not getting away this time, Li Mei!”
Fei Yin threw herself on top of Li Mei, hands going for the Boss Lady’s throat! Li Mei grasped the clutching fingers with her left hand, her right palm pushed at Fei Yin’s face blocking her vision. “ARH…ARH…”Grasping for breathe, Li Mei pushed hard, toppling Fei Yin to the floor beside her.
“You think you can take me on, Hah!” With that, Li Mei pounced on the hostess, now it’s her turn to be on top.
“You are finished, Li Mei!”
Both women immediately got into a mutual bear hug. With the pistol out of reach, it was hand-to-hand, spy versus spy, woman to woman! Li Mei and Fei Yin squeezed hard, presssing their voluptuous bodies tight against each other. Two pairs of legs tangled up like pretzels from the thigh down, nylons rubbing against nylon. Their breasts pressed together, each feeling the other’s full bosom underneath the silk-satin materials. Their chins resting on each other’s shoulder in this close combat.
“Let’s see who’s the better fighter, Fei Yin!”
“ Li Mei, you Jap spy, you die!”
The two mature Asian beauties began a rolling wrestling match. First Li Mei on top, then Fei Yin, then Li Mei. The slippery satin of their cheongsams made it that more difficult to stay on top as they slipped and slid from each other’s body. The light from the desk lamp bounced off their satin cheongsam, shimmering in the dimly lit room. Although there was a nearly ten-year difference in age, Li Mei proved to be more than an even match for the younger Chinese patriot. Both woman were breathing hard, hoping the other would weaken. As they rolled slowly, each used her long painted fingernails to scratch each other’s body, causing long rips on each other’s cheongsam. Every part of their bodies was a target, the high heels kicking at the ankles, nail piercing satin to get to the flesh, teeth now biting onto shoulder and neck!
Li Mei the voluptuous Japanese spy and Fei Yin the beautiful Chinese patriot, each inflicting pain and receiving pain in their life-and-death struggle! In the confines of Lotus Club’s office, the women rolled back and forth, screaming and cursing.
“AAEeiiii!! Bitch! AHAHAH!”
Had there been people outside the Lotus Club, they would hear the commotion coming from inside, the distinct sound of 2 women fighting. But it was dead of night, and the residential area was some distance off. It remained quiet on the Shingtao Road, leaving the battling women to their private battle undisturbed.
By now, the office - the battleground - was a mess, chairs toppled, desk pushed off its place, papers on the floor, the desk lamp hanging upside down by its cord. By now, the silk-satin cheongam that each wore was torn in several places.

Though they were both spies on opposite sides, neither Fei Yin nor Li Mei was trained in unarmed combat as soldiers did. So when they fought, it was a tooth-and-nail catfight. After rolling the across the office floor and back 3 times, Li Mei managed to push and kick herself free. It was not really her intention to fight Fei Yin to the death - she had information to sell and rewards to collect from the Japanese - if she could somehow get away from this undercover enemy. She got up from the floor and ran out of the office.
“Li Mei, you can’t escape!” Fei Yin sprang up and went after her.
The office was on the 2nd floor, Li Mei was now on the landing leading to the spiral staircase. Behind her, Fei Yin was closing the gap. Li Mei stopped and turned toward Fei Yin, who also stopped. They faced each other on the landing, breathing hard. Their satin cheongsams in tatters but still clinging to their bodies.
“You let me go, and I’ll pay you good money.” Li Mei said.
“You think I’d sell out my country for money? I’m not like you, cheap whore!”
Both women rushed forward and on contact, each grabbed 2 handful of the other’s hair. In an instant the catfight was rejoined on the 2nd floor landing. They were standing up with breast pushed against breast, they hands pulling each other’s hair hard and down so that their heads were tilted backwards, their faces a contortion of pain.
Gradually, Fei Yin was pulling Li Mei further backward. Both women were sobbing from the pain of hair-pull. Lie Mei sensed she was losing this hair-pulling battle, with a brutal force she rammed her knee on Fei Yin’s crotch! “AAHHAAH!” Fei Yin screamed in pain and loosened her grasp on Li Mei’s hair. Then Li Mei rammed her crotch a second time.
“OOHHooo…” Fei Yin doubled up in pain.
“Bitch, you want a fight? You got one!” Li Mei then slapped hard on her face, causing Fei Yin to fall sideways onto the wooden landing floor.
Li Mei followed up with a swift kick to her groin, the hard front of her high-heel shoe connected with a thud. Before she could get another kick in, Fei Yin lifted up her right foot and shot out at Li Mei, the 5-inch heel punched squarely on her tummy! “WAAhh!” It was Li Mei’s turn to scream as she fell backwards and hit the floor.
Both women lay separately on the landing, writhing in pain. Then Li Mei grabbed the railing and pulled herself up, still wanting to get away. She staggered past Fei Yin and started down the staircase, holding on the railing as support. Again, Fei Yin got up and went after her. Half way down she caught up with Li Mei, both women fell into each other’s arms, lost their footings, fell and rolled down the last 6 steps onto the main floor below.
The 2 battling Asian beauties were hurting and near exhaustion. They had fought from inside Li Mei’s office out to the landing and down to the lobby. Their hair was a mess and hanging down covering part of their faces, their satin cheongsams in shreds, bits of black and gold satin materials littered the path where they fought. Now they knew there would be no escape from each other and somehow they had to end the fight before the night’s over.
“I’ll…kill…you, Fei Yin…”
“No…you are going…to die…”
Li Mei held onto Fei Yin and bit hard on her left shoulder, Fei Yin cried out but at the same time grabbed Li Mei'’ bosom with both hands and squeezed. Li Mei'’ scream was ear shattering. “AARRHHGGGAA!!” The top part of Li Mei’s black satin cheongsam had already been torn away, and the bra did not provide much protection as Fei Yin’s red coloured fingernails bit through its flimsy material.
Fei Yin now laid on top of Li Mei, ravaging her full bosom without mercy. Li Mei’s hands were flailing wildly, scratching and pinching, tearing away the remaining shreds of the gold silk cheongsam from Fei Yin’s body. Her long fingernails began piercing Fei Yin’s full slip underneath.
Li Mei and Yei Yin now engaged in a battle of fingernails, with their satin cheongsam completely shredded, both were left with a full slip on their bodies. Fei Yin remained on top position. Her nylon-clad legs cramped around Li Mei’s thigh to keep her down. They were breathing heavily, sobbing and screaming in pain and anger. Red scratch marks began appearing on Fei Yin’s back and neck, but she kept the pressure on Li Mei’s breasts, knowing the pain she was inflicting must be unbearable.
So at the bottom of the spiral staircase, the two women struggled and writhed in a tangle of female flesh and silk slips. And Fei Yin slowly but surely was gaining the upper hand. Still Li Mei fought on and somehow managed to dislodge Fei Yin from her body. She quickly knocked away Fei Yin’s hands from her bosom and in an instant both women got back into a mutual bearhug. They started rolling toward the inside of the lobby. In exhaustion, the women’s rolling battle was almost like in slow motion.
It was when they reached the centre of the lobby area when Fei Yin got her hands tight on Li Mei’s throat, Li Mei was gasping for air, pulling hard on Fei Yin’s hair. Fei Yin gritted her teeth to bear the pain from this woman’s hair-pull and clutched her throat with all her remaining strength. Then Li Mei’s hands went limp. Fei Yin kept up the tightening fingers until there was no more struggling from Li Mei. Then she rolled away and laid beside the Japanese spy, panting and pondering her next move…
then as she began to drift off, she felt a sharp pain and the wet nashing sound of teeth burrowing into her raw neck flesh...fight on again!... as they coiled and contorted into a well soiled catfighting mass once again and rolled onto the dark slick city street providing a unique spectacle for any close passer by, ... the sounds of their wet hot catfight battle ripped and echoed into the fog laced night!!.., the happy ENDing


This Blog is for those Adults who want to discuss and keep pace with the classic style of Feminine Catfighting. That is your hair pulling dress ripping, clawing , biting Dynasty type special. [all participants must be 18+ and all references or stories must be in relation to situations between consenting Adults. NO porn please or full "graphic" Nudity, i.e. exposing views of genitalia] ...BTW...The Classic Black and White, is from one of the greatest Catfight Artisits of all time "Artpad" No flaming or derogatory remarks are allowed. Your ISP number is not made public, however, Constant Flamers and cronic Spamers [more than once a week for Spam] will be at first suspended, then banned.